A Message From The Litchfield Historical Society

The Litchfield Historical Society stands in solidarity with the greater museum community in condemning the violence and racial inequality that are too common in our country.

History matters. History allows us to understand the perspectives of others, and to empathize with their struggles and triumphs. History enables us to develop a clearer understanding of who we are today. And in history, we can find accounts of heroism, courage, and of oppression, that can inspire our community, our institutions, and ourselves to be better.  This is a time when these lessons have particular relevance.

The Litchfield Historical Society commits itself to examining the past no matter how difficult, interpreting history in all its complexity, and giving voice to those whose stories have been lost or overlooked. We recognize that history possesses tales of triumph but also of tragedy, and that while some in the past overcame obstacles, others suffered under oppression. We believe that our resources and holdings provide us with a unique opportunity to present Litchfield’s history in a thoughtful, nuanced fashion that incorporates all perspectives. By supporting scholarship, through exhibitions, public programming and publications, and through collaborating with schools, we will strive to share this story with as broad an audience as possible.

What’s Happening Now


In our continuing efforts to better serve the Litchfield community we are pleased to once again offer free admission, generously sponsored by Ericson Insurance Advisors.

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