We are working hard to create digital access for all of our holdings to provide you with the best access. The cataloging project is ongoing. If you are looking for a specific item or collection which you are unable to locate, please contact the Archivist  at or
Curator at

BentoSpace is a search tool that the we developed to perform simple searches of our artifact collection database (CollectionSpace) and our archives database (ArchivesSpace) with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Science. The results will appear in columns, with the artifacts on the left and links to finding aids on the right. Our new tool also enables you, our users, to “tag” artifacts with keywords that you think would make them more easily found (they will appear in the catalog after staff review).

Individual Databases

ArchivesSpace  is the online database of our archives collection. This database is where you will find description of diaries, account books, correspondence, business records, organizational records, etc. If you have any questions regarding the archives collection, contact the Archivist at

Bibliomation is a searchable database of library catalogs. You can search by keyword, title or author, or use the “Advanced Search” query to search using other data. Bibliomation is a library consortium, so make sure that “Litchfield Historical Society” is selected in the “Library” box to search just our collection. If you have any questions, please contact the Archivist at Our books are not circulating and are not available for interlibrary loan. Patrons are welcome to view them in the reading room during normal library hours.

CollectionSpace is a database that allows users to search through thousands of objects from the Litchfield Historical Society artifact collection, including clothing, furniture, needlework, paintings, prints, drawings, household objects, and more. You will find images of many objects along with descriptions, maker information, and provenance. The items entered so far represents a portion of our total collection. Please check back often, since we are adding new records and additional information every day. For questions related to this database and collection, contact the Curator at

The Ledger is a database containing biographical information for students and instructors of the Litchfield Law School and Litchfield Female Academy. Details about what you will find can be found here.

Connecticut’s Archives Online – You may also wish to search for material related to your topic in other repositories. Connecticut’s Archives Online (CAO) offers users a way to search across many of Connecticut’s archival repositories. If you find something in CAO, contact the repository to which the materials belong.

If you plan to visit the Helga J. Ingraham Memorial Library to conduct research, we strongly urge you to contact the Archivist at or Curator at about your visit in advance. Some items are stored off-site and require advanced notice for retrieval.