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Name Category Attended Attendance Dates Profession(s) Born Died
Mary Ann Delafield Dubois Student LFA 1825 Arts; Social Activist 1813 1888
Harriot Loomis Clark Student LFA 1811 Social Activist 1794
Henry Walton Wessells Student LFA 1820,1824 Military 1809 1889
Henry Leavitt Ellsworth Student LLS 1811 Lawyer; Agriculture; Insurance; Real Estate; Political Office 1791 1869
Portrait of Roger Sherman Baldwin Object
Silk Embroidery Landscape attributed to a LFA student Object
Silk Embroidery of a Shepherdess attributed to a LFA student Object
Drawing of Maryann Bacon Whittlesey Object
Tapping Reeve Non-student Lawyer; Educator 1744 1823
David Sherman Boardman Student LLS 1793 Lawyer; Political Office 1768 1864