Oliver Stoughton Wolcott

Oliver Stoughton Wolcott
Oliver Stoughton Wolcott was born on January 18, 1800. His father was Oliver Wolcott, Jr., and his mother was Elizabeth Stoughton.

He attended West Point. In 1818, he trained in law at Tapping Reeve's Litchfield Law School. While in school, he met Jane Lowe Conrad, who was attending Sarah Pierce's Litchfield Female Academy. Stoughton left Litchfield in 1818, however, and served as a midshipman in the U.S. Navy. The following year he was assigned to the Guerriere. He had to resign the comission because he fell ill with typhus fever.

Jane Conrad Wolcott
He returned to Litchfield in 1820 and married Jane Lowe Conrad on November 9, 1820. She was the daughter of John Conrad of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Oliver and Jane had three children. Oliver (1) was born on November 5, 1821, and died less than two years later on March 5, 1823. Oliver (2) was born on September 14, 1823. He died in San Fransisco on May 22, 1856, without any children. Elizabeth Stoughton was born on Jult 31, 1825, and died two weeks later on August 15, 1825. Oliver Stoughton and Jane never had any grandchildren.

Stoughton died on May 23, 1832, in New York City. He is buried in the East Cemetery in Litchfield (less than a mile down the road from the Historical Society).