Wolcott Research Materials

The Litchfield Historical Society has an impressive collection of both books and manuscripts that include material on the Wolcotts of Litchfield. The library is an invaluable resource for those wishing to learn more about Oliver Sr. and his children.

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The Wolcott Memorial by Samuel Wolcott
(New York: Anson D. F. Randolph and Company, 1881)

The Wolcott Memorial was a limited edition book created by Samuel Wolcott, a descendant of Henry Wolcott, the first Wolcott who immigrated to America in 1630.

Of the 300 copies made, the Ingraham Library has 3. The work traces the Wolcott family from its time in England through eight generations in America (it ends roughly around the time of publication, 1881).

In short, it is a genealogical work that also includes biographies on some of the more well-known and presigious Wolcotts. The biographies are complete with extracted letters and printed portraits.

Wolcott Genealogy by Robert C. Griffin and Mitchell R. Alegre
(The Society of Descendants of Henry Wolcott, 1986)

This work is similar to the Wolcott Memorial in its format. There is newer, more accurate information included in this volume and it extends through thirteen generations of American Wolcotts.

It also has two appendices that include additional genealogical information that was received too late to be published in the main portion of the book and also information on families that claim to be descended from Henry Wolcott but have yet to validate that claim.

Elizabeth Huntington
Wolcott Jackson
British and American Wolcotts by General Joseph C. Jackson
(Published by the author, 1912)

The following synopsis is provided by the author at the beginning of this work: "A Record and Chronicle containing origin, lineage and some history, by the eldest direct lineal descendant of Henry Wolcott of Tolland, Somersetshire, England, the American progenitor and colonial founder, through his youngest son, Simon, and Martha (Pitkin) Wolcott of Windsor, Connecticut, through the Governors and Major-General Roger Wolcott and Oliver Wolcott, First, - the signer of the Declaration of Independence - and through the son of the signer, the Honorable Judge and Lieutenant-Governor Frederick Wolcott of Litchfield, Connecticut."

This book focuses mainly on the descendants of John P. Jackson and Elizabeth Huntington Wolcott Jackson (the fourth child of Frederick and Betsy Huntington Wolcott).

'Memorials of great & good men who were my friends': Portraits in the Life of Oliver Wolcott, Jr. by Ellen G. Miles
(American Antiquarian Society, 1998)

This short work includes a short biography of Oliver Wolcott, Jr., and a long discussion about nine Oliver Jr. portraits, a bust of Wolcott, and a portrait of his wife, Elizabeth.

The author was the curator of painting and sculpture at the National Portrait Gallery at the time of publication.

Their Stories: Laura Maria Wolcott, 1811 - 1887 and Robert Gosman Rankin, 1806 - 1878 by Arthur Cushman McGiffert Jr.

This book chronicles the lives of Laura Maria Wolcott and her husband, Robert Gosman Rankin through the evidence presented in extant manuscripts such as diaries, letters, poems, class reunion reports, etc.

Connecticut Order, Mercantilistic Economics: The Life of Oliver Wolcott, Jr. by Neil Alexander Hamilton
(The University of Tennessee, 1998)

The following is an excerpt from the abstract of the dissertation: "Oliver Wolcott Jr. and the 'primary' leaders of our nation-building...are oftentimes portrayed as nationalists. To a certain extent, this is accurate. Yet national allegiance was emerging only slowly in the late eighteenth century, and these men still held strong loyalties to their states and regions. This study of Wolcott's life affirms that nationalism was strongly tempered with sectionalism. A second leading aspect of Wolcott's life, and this period, was the commitment to a mercantilist future...."

History of Litchfield, Connecticut, 1720 - 1920 by Alain C. White
(Litchfield, Connecticut Enquirer Print, 1920)

This book, which tells the history of Litchfield up until the time of publishing, 1920, includes a chapter on the Wolcott Family. It also gives an account of the melting down of King George III's statue during the Revolutionary War and discusses the contested election of Oliver Wolcott, Jr., to the post of Connecticut Governor in 1817.

Biographical History of Litchfield County by Payne Kenyon Kilbourne
New York: Clair, Austin & Co., 1851)

Kilbourne has two chapters dedicated to Litchfield Wolcotts. One is on Oliver Wolcott Jr. and the other is about Frederick, his brother. It basic biography that is both useful and questionable, mainly because of the date of publication.

Roger Wolcott by William Lawrence
(Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1902)

The titular Roger Wolcott in this biographical work is the grandson of Frederick and Elizabeth Huntington Wolcott of Litchfield. Roger Wolcott was the governor of Massachusetts from 1896 to 1900.

Life and Character of Edward Oliver Wolcott by Thomas Fulton Dawson (in two volumes)
(New York: The Knickerbocker Press, 1911)

The subject of this biographical work was the son of the Samuel Wolcott who authored The Wolcott Memorial. Edward Oliver was a state senator from Colorado at the end of the nineteenth century.

Manuscript Collections

The Wolcott Family Collection
The largest manuscript collection of Wolcott papers at the Ingraham Library is the Wolcott Family Collection. The Collection is comprised of nearly 400 items, including a number of letters. The bulk of the collection was donated by Alice Wolcott, granddaughter of Frederick Wolcott. Much of the collection is comprised of Frederick's papers. Correspondants include his wife Betsey, his brother Oliver Jr., his sister Mariann, his daughter Mary Ann Goodrich, members of the Huntington family, Benajmin Tallmadge, Uriah Tracey, John Cotton Smith, and the Reverend Lyman Beecher, among others. A finding aid detailing the contents of the collection is available here. Links within the finding aid will guide researchers to downloadable transcriptions of many of the papers.

Other Collections
There are other collections at the Library which have letters, wills, deeds, and other papers of the Wolcott Family. Please search our finding aid database for relevant materials.


The Ingraham Library has a biographical file on both the students of Sarah Pierce's Litchfield Female Academy and Tapping Reeve's Litchfield Law School.

Students at the Litchfield Female Academy

Joshua Huntington Wolcott
Frederick Wolcott's children

Oliver Wolcott, Jr.'s children

Students at the Litchfield Law School