Letter from Frederick Wolcott to his wife, Betsey

Litchfield April 25.th 1803

My dear Betsey,

I reached home saturday afternoon
at five o'clock, & had the pleasure of finding the
family in usual health. Mrs Williams has, in a great
degree, recovered from her lameness, & enjoys good
spirits. - Our Sister Mrs. Wolcott still continues quite
unwell, but I think she is gradually recovering.
Her Sister Mary Wyllys is with her, whom I brought
from Hartford. Mary will return this week, but
Mrs. Wolcott will not think of going her journey
at present. - Mrs. A. Smith spent the while of the
last evening here, & a part of the night, for she
did not say a word about going till after ten o'clock.
She said she came to enquire whether you had
a good journey &c - & desired to send love &c and
her Husband also. - Mr. Huntington took the liberty
to make his visit saturday evening, & Mr. Reeve
his sunday morning. - Mrs. Reeve has a swelled
face a sore throat &c as usual, but she remembered
to enquire after you. - Mrs Williams went to meeting
yesterday thro' the day. - I bought a gallon of lamp
oil at Hartfd which I brought home, & also all the
articles which I brought home from Norwich. - I had a
good load, but I favoured the horses by walking

most of the hills, & they performed pretty well. - I have
had no opportunity to enquire for a Girl - I shall
faithfully attend to the business this week, & will
write to you by the next mail. - I hope you
suffer no anxiety on account of the family, as we
are well provided for at present - & I have no doubt
but we shall be - I am sure as we shall get along as
well as our neighbours. - Mrs Williams will write
to you, - I shall be very busy this Week, & can only
add, ay present, that I wish you to be a happy
as possible with your friends, & I am sure you will
make them happy. - If I feel a little lonely in
your absence I will say nothing about it. - Kiss the
little girls every day for me & remember me with
respect to our kind Parents; & be assured of the
affection of your forever
F. Wolcott

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 3, Folder 15, Litchfield Historical Society