Letter from Betsey Wolcott to her husband, Frederick

Norwich Febuary 15th

I have seated myself in the midst of a great bustle
to write a few lines to my absent friend, should they afford as
much pleasure to you, as a few lines would me I shall be happy,
I arrived here the day I left you an hour before sunset, I found my
friends all in good health, and a cordial reception was not wanting
to render me happy, you was enquired after frequently and
our friends regretted your not coming,---------
I have been quite engaged in company since I came, Yesterday
our family dined at Mr Howlands, and I spent a pleasant day,
I could name a friend whose company I am sure would have
added much to my pleasure, and I think would have been
pleased with the circle---- I am anxious to hear from you
how you can possibly make out in my absence, I am of such
importance when I am with you, I hope you will write me
particularly, how the girls manage, and all the trifling things
you can think of, for you may be assured I feel a little interested
I hope you will not think hard of me for writing a short letter
when I inform you that Uncle Chester has just arrived from
Lebanon, with Betsey & Mary and they are all to dine here to
day; I have remained from meeting on purpose to write you, you
must give me a great deal of credit as you know what a sacrifice
I make. I hope all the mistakes I make you will
[p. 2]
conclude are in consequence of this during my introductory letter.
I hope my next will be in a rather better stile, and written
in less of a hurry, but I have this consolation that it is to a good
friend and will make no apology for it----------------
I have only to assure you I am your sincere and affectionate

friend B W

I had forgotten to mention any thing concerning the fire since my
return from meeting I have thought more of, I only saw the scene
the Evening I came down, this afternoon as I passed by the fire was
still burning the remains of grain and cheese that were in the
store continue to smoke. Mr Strong has preached an excellent
sermon on the occasion, we attended worship in the lower part of
the Court House, which has been fitted up for the purpose, until they
can build a better. My father and mother desire to remember affection
ately to you and Sally joins in wishing to see you much &

believe me yours BW

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 3, Folder 10, Litchfield Historical Society