Letter from Mariann Wolcott to her brother, Frederick


My dear Brother

I return=d yesterday from Durham where
I have been about a week upon a visit,_ I went to
get rid of a cough which has troubled me some time
_ my faith was strong, that I should recover if I could
breath for a few days a purer air than we have here.
_ I am disapointed-my cough is no better-and
the dust is more intolerable than ever_ If it
should not rain in a few days, expect to see
me at Litchfield-that is, if your Worship has
no objection.

May I ask what you are doing, and
why you don=t write to me? If it proceeds from
diffidence it may now be laid aside for altho= I
have a contempt for Old Bachelors generally, yet
in consideration of your being my brother, I will
promise to receive your letters with pleasure, and
answer them when it is convenient.

Adieu -


From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 1, Folder 33, Litchfield Historical Society