Letter from Mariann Wolcott to her brother, Frederick

Hartford Novr 11 - 1791

Dear Frederick,

We are at length quietly settle=d
in our little snug Habitation_ I have found
moving a very fatigueing buisness-but
my health has not been injur=d by it_

I have very much wonder d at not
hearing a word from you since I left
Litchfield_ You must suppose that we
wish to be inform=d as often as possible of
Mama=s situation particularly__ But you
have left off writing entirely as well as
all the rest of my Friends_ We have not
had a single line from Oliver or Betsey
since they left us_ Mrs Wyllys, after suff-
ering several weeks of great anxiety-recd
a few days since a very short letter, which
inform=d her they had been very well
[p 2]
__ Miss Wadsworth has sail=d for Bermuda
__ her friends seem to flatter themselves that
she may recover__ Mr Williams boards
with us yet - but we have notwithstanding
room for one or two spare beds - and if you
will come and take possession of one of them
I will reward you by assisting you in
wheed=ling yourself into Kitty Wadsworth=s good
graces__ at any rate you must come and
help us to keep Thanksgiving__ I rely
upon my Father=s staying with us, when
he comes in Town-and shall be much
disapointed if he does not__ please to
give remember Mr Goodrich & me to
him & Mama with the kindest love
and duty__ I pray you to write to
me soon-and I will promise to be
[p 3]
more punctual myself in future when
I have Opportunities__Give my love to
Cousin [Keija?] - and believe me very
Affectionately your Sister

M A Goodrich

[torn] - I have just receiv=d your [torn]
[torn] in my power either [torn]
Cassimer or obtain a copy of the [torn]
Mr Wolcott regulations - till before [torn]
leaves Town - You may depend on receiving
both by Saunders_ please to send me
my curling Irons by him the Handkerchief
I care nothing about_ I understand that
the Electors meet in Midletown, but we
hope notwithstanding to see my Father
here when he goes and returns.


From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 1, Folder 33, Litchfield Historical Society