Letter from Mariann Wolcott to her brother, Frederick

Hartford 21 Feby 1790

Dear Frederick.

I wish to know whether it was
crossness or indolence, or head-ach, that prevented
your writing to me_ so that I may ^know how to apply
the remedy_ the first of these disorders, may be
cured perhaps, by Olmstead's flute, or his more
melodious voice "By Music minds are equal tem-
per know_ Nor swell too high nor sink too low"
_ If you are troubled with the malady of
Laziness, I would advise a pitch plaister to
be applied to your back._ This I experience
is a great stimulus to action _ The head ach
is not so easily cured_ but I imagine that
a very pretty Wife, with six hens, & a rooster
& half a score of Sheep ^ three children would be some help
to you_ and I advise you to try it_ by the way
have you heard from Miss Van Vleck? _ I wish
you to answer this question like a Christian_
likewise inform me about the health of all
our folks_ and believe me to be

in great haste
M Goodrich

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 1, Folder 33, Litchfield Historical Society