Letter from Mariann Wolcott to her brother, Frederick

Hartford, Nov. 22d 1789

Dear Fred,

I shall write you but a few lines this time
for my Husband sits looking over my shoulder, which
quite disconcerts one_He is a pretty curious Being it
is true, but I sometimes find means to evade his
enquiries_ and you need not fear that I shall shew him
any of your Letters_Do then write freely-and often-unbosom
yourself without reserve-and not pretend that there is
no latent flame in your breast_I know otherwise - and
your not mentioning Miss Van Vlecks name is no evidence
that you do not think of her_A pro pos-if you
receive any Letters from her for me, do not think you
have any right to detain them in your possession_I
could have excus=d you, if you had kept the one
you enclos=d_You requested me to send it backBit
was not worth so much trouble, and I have burn=t
it_My friend Mrs Tallmadge I shall always love-
please to tell her so___ I am very happy to hear
that you are able to attend to study - pray persevere if
it does not give you too much pain-you will soon
be able to enter upon the Practice-and there is a fine
opening for you in Litchfield_

We had thoughts of going
to Durham ^to spend Thanksgiving- but it is not likely we shall_I wish
you would mount your great Horse and come here
-it would add much to our happiness_ I find most
of our family mean to disperse at that time-we shall
be quite solitary unless you come__Don=t fail
to write when the Post returns, if you do not come
yourself_Mr Goodrich did not see your Letter, and
he shall not see any of them_Make the next
longer if you please_You may depend upon
receiving punctual returns_

Your friend
and Sister

M Goodrich

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 1, Folder 33, Litchfield Historical Society