Page from the diary of Laura Wolcott

Thursday. Sept.1
Nothing of any consequence happened.

Friday. Sept. 2
To day I have been examined - we got out
very late this evening it being nearly eight.
I intended to have gone to meeting. but all
our family had gone but sister Mary Ann
and she wanted I should stay at home
with her. & it was well I did for I had not
been at home five minutes before Mr. Shaffer
Sherman Wilson & Foot came in- I was obli=
=ged to stay & exert my slender abilities in
entertaining them. - Helen went to meeting.

Saturday. 3
Zerviah called for me at seven this mor=
=ning to go and ride on horseback. we went
down south and went thro' Pine Gove & came
up by Uncle Wolcott's. we had a most de=
=lightful ride. we went about eight
miles and returned home about nine we
stopped several times. I think we shall
go again ere long. - Did not miss in
History. Dr. Beecher came in and spoke to the
school. evening went to walk.