Page from the diary of Laura Wolcott

shall probably ever enjoy with Amelia. but
one more moon and we shall be walking
with other friends and with them contem=
=plate the sublimity of nature. Oh if ^by any
spell our hands should dare
To make her disk our ample page
And write our thoughts our wishes there"
we should then tho' absent be together & held
sweet converse.

Teusday 30

The morning was employed in writing a
dissertation upon the "Character of the Ind=
=ians & their present character compared
with their former." For a wonder I wrote
quite a long one. this is the cyphering
week & I must try hard. - I cyphered this
afternoon. did all the sums. I was quite
provoked at first to think I was obliged to
cypher in Interest - but experience always
teaches me that my elders know more
then me altho' I do not always acknow=
=ledge it. I believe I got sixteen by doing
the sum. I intended to have attended
meeting this evening. & came up s[ street? ]