Letter from Betsey Wolcott to her husband, Frederick

Norwich October 16th 1811

Agreeable to your request, I have began to
write you and I can say with a trembling hand as you
are well a ware, my nervous system is very weak.
But I think I can assure you, that I have yesterday
and to day felt a little better, I cough, but not as much
and the unpleasant sensation at my breast lessens,
I still strictly adhere to my diet, and eat only six
Oysters a day, my appetite is very good, and I
am often strongly tempted, but I am so fully
[bottom half missing]
[p. 2]
will have a pleasant session, do write me any thing,
you hear from Litchfield, my Parents and Children
are all in fine health, we have not got up with our
babe [Laura Maria] for two nights, and we think she is much better
and grows fast, do write us how the Govenor's health
is, and advise him to our Doctor, you must excuse
my writing any more, the Children are all at school
but Frederick, and he has been a charming boy,
the weather has been so unpleasant that I have rode
but once - believe me at all times your affectionate

B Wolcott

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 3, Folder 10, Litchfield Historical Society