Letter from Frederick Wolcott to his wife, Betsey

Litchfield, June 8th. 1806.

My dear Betsey,

I wrote you a letter the last friday from
Hartford, which place I was unable to leave till Saturday
morning.- I informed you that I had prevailed in my
Suit against Govr. Hart.- On my return home I found
our family very well & glad to see me. They concluded I
had gone to make you a visit. I also found a good letter
from you, for which I thank you.- My Brother has not
yet got home- His children have become very impatient
to see him. Mrs. Huntington & her family returned in
good health on friday.- Mrs. Reeve & our neighbors &
friends in general are very well.- Mrs. Culver says Luke
Lewis made her a visit in my absence & urged her
extremely to contract to live in his family after the time
she had engaged to live with us should expire- but
she says she gave him no encouragement, & informed him
if she hired out any where she would remain with
us.- Since my return she has engaged to live with
us the principal part of the summer.- She says she
must occasionally be absent.- I shall inform Luke
Lewis that I consider it very impertinent in him to
be constantly endeavouring to seduce our domesticks
from our service.- Nancy says she shall be glad to
live with us if my brother will permit her. I shall
omit to engage any Girl till I shall see him. I intend
if possible so to arrange my business as to be able to
make a short tour to Boston & perhaps to Newport.- If
I make this journey I should like to go to Norwich earlier than
the last of next Week but I think I cannot leave home
[p. 2]
till then.- The seed in our gardens in this Town have come
up miserably. I do not find that any of your flower seed
excepting the Sweet Pea & two or three others have started.
You must send to Harfd. so that I can hear from
you the last of this Week, as a letter sent by your mail
on Tuesday ^ of next ^ week will not reach Litchfd. till Thursday
evening- & I think it probable I may leave home on
Thursday.- I wish you to purchase & have made for
me three or four handsome neck handkerchiefs.
Kiss the dear Children for me & tell Huntington I shall
expect when I go to Norwich to see him quite a man
& competent to assist me considerably in my farming.-
As for Hannah I shall play with her no more (poor child)
as I hear from all quarters that I am quite partial
to her.- remember me to our dear Parents, Mrs. Williams &c
& be assured of the regard of your

Frederick Wolcott-

I was at Wethersfield- Our friends there affected to
be surprised xxxxxxxxx that I remembered that I
had any acquaintances in that Town. They say if
you still remember them they hope you will
convince them of it by calling on them. I apologized
& peace was soon established & I had a pleasant
visit.- There are a number of beautiful flowers
now in blossom in our Garden, & it never looked more
pleasant around our house that it does at this time.
Our Peach, cherry & plumb trees are extremely loaded
& look very promising.-

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 3, Folder 13, Litchfield Historical Society