Letter from Betsey Wolcott to her husband, Frederick

Norwich June 1st 1806

My Dear Friend

I have heard, that Capt Peck leaves this
tomorrow for Hartford, and I intend to request him to
take this letter, fearing you might miss of it, if you
conclude to come to Hartford this week, I received your
kind letter Friday Afternoon, and was very glad that
you found things in good order, my love to Miss Culver
tell her, her Boy is very well and somtimes will say Culver
in his way, and every one thinks him a very fine Child,
he has show'd himself to very good advantage since he
has been here, and is very obedient, he still continues
his fondness for his milk, the Girls have both been to
meeting all day, and have been good Children, they send
love to you and say they long to see you, and Mary Ann
requests me to write that she has not struck Huntington
since she has been here, Elizabeth is very good except
when I leave her, she has still her cough, Aunt Zach
has had two letter from Eliza, and she is very happy
and spends this day at Wethersfield, Mary was not
married last week but is to be this, she does not say
when but we calculate to night, Uncle Z. is better
I think, and expects to go to New York this week. the
season is now very fine and every thing is much
refreshed by the shower we had Yesterday, and last
night, - - I expect our neighbours begin to return
[p. 2]
I should think you would be glad as you must be rather
Solitary, I think proverbly Mr Allen will now be established
agreeably to his wishes, as he perhaps may be appointed one
of the Judges, Mrs Allen was here this last week in
Company with the Mrs. Lanmans, I have drank tea with
Mrs Lathrop, and down to Mrs J Huntington, and round
in the family, I have kept up visiting, and find it
rather fatiguing, as I am so little accustomed to high
life, You must remember me affectionately to all friend
who enquire after me, I enjoy myself very much, as I
can contribute so much to the happiness of those I am
with, my Parents feel as if they had made a great
sacrifice in giving up their only Child, - - - My Parents
join me in affectionate regards to you and believe
me your ever affectionate Wife B Wolcott.

I wish to have the chair that we used to rock in
sent to be repair'd - - - - - - - -
I conclude you have sufficient leisure to admire the beauties
of the season, and I presume it must look very pleasant
round our house, this day, if you have been refreshed by a
Shower. do write me all the news, how Mrs [Ruir?] has enjoyed
her visit, and if Mrs Huntington has returnd, I cannot [?]
that it will be a Year next tuesday since Mrs Talmadge
died, I shall never loose the impression her death made on
my Mind, she was a loss to the Society in Litchfield that
will never be made up, although she associated very little
with the ladies ----------------------------I am yours BW

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 3, Folder 10, Litchfield Historical Society