Letter from Betsey Wolcott to her husband, Frederick

Norwich May 1st 1803

My Dear Friend

I received your letter on Friday, and was
very happy to hear you was well. I had feared you would
suffer from the cold you had; you doubtless have thought me
quite inatentive in not writing you, but I will inform you
of the circumstances, last Sunday I wrote you a long letter
and sent it on Monday, on Tuesday, I sent to the office
in hopes of finding a letter from you, but behold, my
letter had gone as far as Hartford and returned.---
I have nothing very interesting to communicate except the
the health of our children, they are both very well indeed
and have grown fat, our friends all consider Mary Ann a very
extraordinary Child, she is much more mischevious than
when she was at home, but her Grandparents are quite
happy to attend upon her- Hannah is a good Child and
very healthy, Papa weighed her last week, and she weighed
16 pounds, I have concluded to let Mary Ann remain here
a short time, but shall not part with her without feelings
which I never before felt, I know my Parents wish me to leave
her, and she is much attached to them, they will pay
her the same attention they would a child of their own,
should I have indifferent help it would be a great relief,
[?] me; the dear little girl stands by and looks pleased when
I tell her I am writing Papa, and says love Papa, and every
day mentions each member of our family.------------------
I was very sorry to hear of Mrs Wolcott's ill health, I can't but
think if she would take a journey it would be of benefit to
her,------------- I have as yet done nothing toward getting
help, and should I do my best I could not obtain as good a
girl as Candace, I have heard there was a girl that
would be willing to go with me should I want her, her
Mother lives in this neighbourhood, and they are a clever
family, the girl has been living in a family in the
farms; there is a little girl that I can have, if I will
giver her when she is eighteen a bed, she is said to
be a faithful girl and fond of Children, there are two
of her sisters that Mrs Terry of Hartford has taken,
and she has engaged to give each a bed when their
time is out, they are very good girls, and she puts
great confidance in them, I have not concluded as I did
not know whether you would think you could afford, to
give so much---------------------
Mr Woodbridge set out on friday with his daughter Elisa
and a Mr Brown to go and be Married to a young widow
of four and twenty, he is in high spirits, they are to
go on to N York, to purchase furniture--------------
Mrs Lane is in town, I expect to spend a tuesday afternoon
with her at Cousin Jabez, and on Wednesday they spend the
day here, it is constantly visiting and receiving Company,
On Friday I had the baby Baptised, she was a wake all
[p. 3]
the time and looked att the Minister as if she understood all
he sayd; every person that has seen Hannah since I came
observes on her looking extremely like you, Mr Lanman say, he
never saw so striking a likeness-----------------
Tell Mrs Williams her friends wish to be remembered to her,
and Mother has purchased her a lace at 4 shillings a yard--
I hope you will write me one word how you have succeded as to help
and what your arrangements are respecting my return- the
stage goes twice a week from this to Litchfield; I wish you
to write me next week as I shall receive the letter before
I leave this- My Parents join me in love to you
My love to all friends and believe me your ever affectionate

B Wolcott

I wish you to bring Mary Ann, black shoes and her callico
night gown, as Papa will be there to take them and she will
want them before she returns

From the Alice Wolcott Collection, Box 3, Folder 10, Litchfield Historical Society