Letter from Julius Deming to his wife, Dorothy Champion Deming

New York, Debr. 14, 1784

My dear Dolly:
I am happy to hear by my brother that you and our little boy are so well, and I am likewise happy in being able to inform you of my arrival at this place, at the same I am extremely unhappy in being obliged further to add that after a most severe passage of about 74 days from London, we were at three o'clock last Sunday morning most unfortunately and I may add most wretchedly cast away on the south side of Long Island 30 miles NE from Sandy Hook – surrounded with breakers and continually beating upon the sand we waited with the grated anxiety for the approach of morning. It is impossible to describe out situation, but in the morning we found the beach within about half a mile of the ship, and the land about four miles from the breakers with out boat and effected a landing on the beach about one o'clock, and about seven in the evening we found an Hospitable shelter on the Island. The passengers were all saved and I hope all the crew. It is with the greatest uneasiness that I wait at this place till my business will make it possible for me to be with you, but this unfortunate circumstance renders it absolutely necessary. The ship I expect will be lost and most of the cargo, for which reason I must wait till I can learn the event, but I hope to be at home in a fortnight. In the mean time my dear Girl I commend you to that being in whom we are all safe, and pray you to believe me in every situation.

Yours most truly and faithfully,

Julius Deming