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Name Category Attended Attendance Dates Profession(s) Born Died
Harriot Loomis Clark Student LFA 1811 Social Activist 1794
Henry Walton Wessells Student LFA 1820,1824 Military 1809 1889
Henry Leavitt Ellsworth Student LLS 1811 Lawyer; Agriculture; Insurance; Real Estate; Political Office 1791 1869
Portrait of Roger Sherman Baldwin Object
Silk Embroidery Landscape attributed to a LFA student Object
Silk Embroidery of a Shepherdess attributed to a LFA student Object
Drawing of Maryann Bacon Whittlesey Object
Tapping Reeve Non-student Lawyer; Educator 1744 1823
David Sherman Boardman Student LLS 1793 Lawyer; Political Office 1768 1864
Thomas Kimberly Brace Student LLS 1802 Business; Insurance; Political Office 1779 1860