Judson Canfield

Later Residences:
Canfield, OH
New York, NY
Mabel Ruggles Canfield (unknown)
Biographical Notes:
Judson Canfield was born in New Milford, Connecticut, January 23, 1759. He was a son of Col. Samuel Canfield (1725-1799), an officer in the Revolutionary army and a member of the Connecticut state legislature, and Elizabeth Judson. Judson Canfield was educated at Yale College, graduating in 1782. His uncle, John Canfield, the first lawyer in Sharon, Conn., died in 1786, and Judson then moved to Sharon and established a successful law practice. Many of his clients conducted business or resided in Dutchess County, New York. In 1796, Canfield purchased land in the Western Reserve (later Ohio) from the Connecticut Land Co. His holdings would eventually total thousands of acres, including property in present-day Bainbridge, Canfield (which was named for him in 1800), Cleveland, Medina, Newton, and ...

Profession / Service
Lawyer; Political Office

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