Benjamin Tallmadge

Mary Floyd Tallmadge (March 16, 1784)
Maria Hallett (May 3, 1808)
Biographical Notes:
Benjamin Tallmadge served as an army officer, chief intelligence officer, and organizer of the Culper spy ring during the Revolutionary War. Following the war, Tallmadge moved to Litchfield with his wife. He became a businessman and U.S. Representative from Connecticut. Tallmadge's business ventures included purchases and sales of land in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio. He maintained a store in Litchfield, Connecticut, invested in privateering ships, and owned slaves. Tallmadge took great interest in the Second Great Awakening, following revivalist preachers Lyman Beecher, Asahel Nettleton, and Nathan Beman. He was first President of the Phoenix Bank and served as President of the Society of the Cincinnati.
On February 21, 1824, Tallmadge wrote to his son-in-law John P. Cushman regarding a sexual affair between his female house servant and a Litchfield Law School student.

“I do not remember whether I informed you that our black Girl Mary had gone to N. York, where I presume She may commemorate our law School in due time, by exhibiting a Mongrel Mink.”

Tallmadge Collection

Profession / Service
Military; Political Office; Business; Trade; Land Surveyor

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