Lecture: The Evolution of ELVIS in Litchfield
Date: June 28, 2015
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: Litchfield History Museum
Age(s): All
Fee: Free for members; $5 for non-members
Registration: Yes, email registration@litchfieldhistoricalsociety.org
Description: In the early history of Litchfield there were six villages : Litchfield, Bantam, Milton, Northfield, South Farms (Morris) and East Litchfield. Bantam had an abundance of waterpower for its manufacturing; Litchfield had two important schools as well as the County court house; Milton was part of the early iron industry; Northfield had a thriving community based around their successful knife factory; South Farms had one of the first co-educational academies in the United States. Was East Litchfield just a way to another location and why has East Litchfield so often been left out of the history of Litchfield? Join members of the East Litchfield Village Improvement Society Lee Cook, Dan Keefe, and Eileen Porter Schmidt in this discussion!