American Magic Lantern Theatre: Spring Show
Date: April 25, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Litchfield Community Center, 421 Bantam Rd.
Age(s): All
Fee: $5 for ind. member; $10 for ind. non-member; $15 for a family
Registration: Yes, email
Description: The Litchfield Historical Society and Litchfield Community center present this fantastic theatrical experience! Sally O'Grady does battle with a rambunctious goat. Highlanders do battle with their King in Scott's "The Lady of the Lake." Spring lovers sing that their "love is like a red red rose." And an animated clown, suffering a very severe case of hay fever, blows till his nose explodes. It's all from an age before TV and before movies, when the Victorians mixed boisterous fun and touching pathos in their entertainment. Now The American Magic-Lantern Theater has re-created a gay nineties "Victorian Magic-Lantern Spring Show!" that captures the wonder and hilarity of the period. The show uses an antique "magic-lantern" -- the multi-media projector of 100 years ago. The lantern rapidly projects spectacular color slides on a full-size movie screen. The slides, many of them animated, illustrate Victorian stories, songs and comedy of Spring. They're dramatized by a costumed showman, singers, and musicians -- and by the audience, which provides the sound effects, claps, stomps, and joins in chants and sing-alongs.