Litchfield County Bar Association Records, 1793-1886
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This single volume record book contains various information pertaining to the Litchfield County Bar Association. The first entry is dated December 1796.  The volume includes entries by various secretaries documenting rules for admission to practice, resolves, and fees.  Adonijah Strong is the first party listed as Chairman, and Frederick Wolcott the first as Clerk of the Bar.  It establishes a fee schedule for the Court of Common Pleas and the Superior Court. It provides listings of students studying for the bar at the Litchfield Law School and reading law with various attorneys.  It also notes when particular students have completed their studies.

Located in 3A Box 5a.

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Litchfield Historical Society
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Litchfield, CT 6759
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Record Series Number: 00/1965-24-0
Volume: 1.0 Items
Acquired: 12/02/1965.

The first page of the volume includes a table of contents:


1. Appointment of a Clerk. Table of Fees.

3. Bar Rules of Admission to Practice.

5. Court Rules of Admission to Practice.

7. T. Reeve, Esq. authorized to instruct &c after he shall leave the practice

Written by a second secretary, Seth P. Beers:

1. Supplemental Table of Fees established Decemr 1804.

7. Rules of Admission adopted by Convention of the Bars

12. Resolve as to the time & manner of elected Chairmen & Depy chairmen

21. Special Resolve in Favor of Adh Strong Esqr after retirement from the Bar

29. Resolve re suits on officers Receipts.

Located in 3A Box 5

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Law--United States--Study and teaching
Law students - Connecticut - Litchfield
Lawyers - Connecticut - Litchfield County